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For those of you not on the Chucky P Myspace list....

The Chuck Palahniuk Wedding Dress Contest

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I posted the below bulletin to you all where Chuck is inviting people to wear Wedding gowns to his readings for 'Rant' (which kicks off tomorrow in Portland). But I forgot to mention that this contest includes GUYS & GIRLS. So fellas, don't be shy. Squeeze into your mother, wife, sister or female friend's best dress and Chuck will love you for it. Or, you can simply hit up a vintage salvation army store and buy one for like $30.

Okay, and here's a repost of the Contest news:

I don't know what else to call this. All I know is that I got a call from Chuck today while heading to the post office. "Dennis," he tells me, "I just had this great idea for a contest."

Basically, if you've read Rant by now (which I'm sure some of you have) you'll know that the characters in the book partake in a very awesome ritual called Party Crashing. I won't spoil it for you here, but elements of it involve people throwing "Just Married" signs on their cars and dressing in wedding gowns while they crash into other 'players' on the road.

Well, Chuck is sponsoring his own contest and inviting people (GUYS & GIRLS) to dress in Wedding gowns at his readings for 'Rant'. He'll then pick one winner from each event and that person will get quote "A spectacular gift". I asked Chuck would this spectacular gift may be. He giggled to himself and said it would involve him giving the person a coupon for them to write their address down on. And that's all he would tell me.

Now, I wanted to get a flashy banner of a person in a Wedding dress to promote this thing. But Brad Choma, our lovely graphic designer from Toronto has been sort of AWOL today. So I'm rolling this contest of Chuck's out, text only, b/c the damn tour kicks off tomorrow (Wednesday) in Portland. And if Chuck looks out into the crowd and doesn't see anyone wearing a wedding dress, I'm gonna feel like a dolt. =)

So show some love and win a great prize for it, and the admiration of the Chuckster.



The rest of the tour dates can be found...HERE!!!
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